The Wildlife of Quilpué

On one of our free days, we decided that we wanted to get away from Viña and explore in another city.  So, we googled cities nearby and set our sites on Quilpué.  As you probably could have guessed by the title, we went to the zoo.  I have never been a fan of zoos.  Not gonna lie, I just don’t see the thrill in staring at animals through a fence.  I guess it can be cool, but it is far from my favorite past time.  But, here I was, on my free day choosing to go to a zoo.  It is remarkable what you will agree to do when you don’t want to be stuck inside all day doing homework.

So, with complete optimism for a day full of animal viewing, we hopped on the metro and headed toward Quilpué.  One of my favorite parts about taking a long trip on the metro is that musicians come and perform during the ride.  You can here anything from rapping to Spanish pop to English country.  Some of these musicians are amazing, some might need to consider finding a new hobby.  But, they are all typically very entertaining to listen to.  When we finally pulled into Quilpué, the next task was to locate the zoo.  So, like we have ever so often in Chile, we asked a few different people for directions.  When we finally got headed in the right direction…hopefully….we picked up our pace so we could hurry up and see some sleeping animals.  Woooo.  We questioned whether or not we were going the right way quite a few times, especially since it seemed that a big part of our journey was taking place through a neighborhood.  However, despite our doubt, we pressed onward.

After an hour of walking…maybe ten minutes, I’m not really sure, it felt like a long time though…we saw the signs for the zoo.  We bought our tickets and walked in.  I was pleasantly surprised by how exciting the zoo was.  The first animals that we saw were guinea pigs.  I must say, I never thought that I would see the day when guinea pigs were a hit exhibit in the zoo.  But, they were, so I became immediately excited for all the adventure that was soon to come.  The next animals we came across were monkeys.  Which is much more normal for a zoo, in my opinion.

483 484

These monkeys were insane.  They were swinging on vines.  Climbing up to the ceiling.  Trying to escape through the fence.  And, playing on toys that are typically meant for two year old humans, not monkeys.  But, they were actually really entertaining to watch because you could see that they were loving life.

The rest of the zoo continued on like every other zoo.  We went from cage to cage and stared at animals.  Most of the animals were sleeping.  Occasionally, we got excited when we got to see an animal stretch.  But, the weird thing about this zoo was that you could get incredibly close to all of the animals.  There was either one or two chain link fences between us and each of the animals.  Some of these fences had rather larger holes in them which made it possible for us to touch monkeys or even take dramatic pictures to make it seem like a tiger was going to eat us.  Which, was probably quite possible.



All in all, the zoo was a pretty fun experience.  Not saying that I want to go every weekend, but it was fun for a day.  I think the peak of the day was probably after the zoo.  We were all exhausted and starving by then and couldn’t think of much else other than food.  Unfortunately, it was Chilean break time, so nearly every restaurant was closed or only offering drinks.  We finally came across a restaurant that had food, so we sat down immediately.  As you have heard in my previous posts, I have an unhealthy love of empanadas.  And, this restaurant had empanadas.  Probably the best empanadas I have ever eaten.  Which is saying something, because I like to consider myself an empanada connoisseur.


Quilpué is a pretty solid place, and I definitely plan on going back.  Not necessarily for the zoo, but definitely for them empanadas.


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